Mary Meyer Putty Nursery Fawn

Mary Meyer Putty Nursery Fawn


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Today’s modern mom has embraced neutral color schemes for her baby nursery. With a simple, understated design, Fawn Lovey features an under-stuffed body with a bean bag inside for weight, making it easy for baby to hold. Fawn Lovey's cute character face and textures are sure to keep baby engaged! Soft, etched fabric is super luxe and luscious.

Because everyone needs a buddy!


Mary Meyer was a young wife and mother who helped her family during the Great Depression by sewing animal pin cushions that later became stuffed animal toys. Inventive, driven and compassionate, Mary built a company that continues to bring joy to children and families all over the world with care, quality, integrity and love. This intention has been passed down two generations, to Mary’s grandsons who run the company today, because this is who Mary Meyer was and this is what the company she started is all about.

  • Embroidered eyes
  • Height: 11"
  • Machine wash cold water, gentle cycle. Air dry.