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Germaine Caprio

Speaker / Content Creator/ Podcast Host


Tired of boring speakers? I believe every presentation should pull the audience in with the first line. Running a business is tough and after running a company for 25+ years, I've learned a few things. In sharing my stories, I help businesses, students and entrepreneurs learn how to overcome obstacles with a sense of humor. 

My stories and talks range from helping companies run a climate-friendly office to helping individuals live with a lower impact on the planet. I share beautiful, captivating presentations, with a sense of humor that empower and motivate people to clean up their daily routines so everyone can become a Planet Hero. Schedule ME for your next conference, luncheon, meeting or talk. Reach out to

Read my blog We Are Majamas Earth or listen to our Care What You Wear...and so much more podcast to start your sustainable living journey today...  


Let ME Consult with You: Life can be lonely when you're a small business owner and finding a Consultant who doesn't cost a fortune can feel impossible. I get your challenges because I've faced them myself. Reach out to start a conversation and learn how I can help you take your business farther than you've ever dreamed.