MAJAMAS EARTH is determined to use fabrics that are less harmful to us and the planet. Most of the fabrics made for ME come from mills based in Los Angeles, California where environmental standards are the highest in the world.

We believe in being transparent with our customers. That's why we want you to know where our fabrics come from, what's in them, and why we choose them for our collections.


Our Organic Cotton is GOTS Certified Organic Cotton that is grown without any toxic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or GMOs (genetically modified seeds). It is made in Fair Trade Mills in Los Angeles, CA and the process to make it is held to strict environmental standards, which means the mills can't dump the water used to make it into the ocean or add any harmful chemicals after the goods are knit. 


Our Organic Cotton/Span is the stretchy GOTS Certified sister to our 100% Organic Cotton. It goes through the same process as the Organic Cotton we use but we add 9% Spandex to it so our bras keep their shape and our panties stay up without using elastic. 


Our recycled polyester is made from post-consumer-waste, plastic water bottles that are broken down to make the fabric. It keeps plastic out of landfills and can be recycled over and over again. MAJAMAS EARTH knows this isn't the perfect fiber because let's face it, plastic is plastic, but recycled poly is less harmful than virgin poly because it generates lower carbon emissions when it's being made. The best part of using recycled poly is we don't need water to print on it. Even the paper and the rolls the prints come on get composted or recycled. 

We use recycled poly because it works really well with our fun prints, it wicks, is super soft, and most importantly, it lasts. Remember, the more you wear a garment the more sustainable it is and our garments made from recycled poly will last you a very, very long time.


When we say a fabric is "reclaimed" it means we buy the goods from a supplier who purchases the excess from other designers and fashion houses after their production is finished. Instead of throwing the fabric into the landfills, reclaimed fabric (often called dead stock) is purchased by companies like us who give it life and put it to use. MAJAMAS EARTH's reclaimed fabrics are materials that have already been made and by using them in our collection, we keep them from getting thrown away and clogging up the landfills. 


Our Modal is a semi-synthetic material made from the pulp of Beachwood trees. It is a natural, man-made fabric that is super soft and made for us responsibly by Lenzing. The Beachwood trees used to make Lenzing Modal are grown specifically for making this fabric so they are never farmed from old wood forests. The best part of using Lenzing Modal is that it is made using a closed-loop process. Unlike Organic Cotton that uses a ton of water to make, after making a batch of Lenzing Modal they recycle the water and use it to make the next batch. We love this about our Modal.


Our Cotton/Modal is the stronger sister of our 100% Modal. We add cotton yarns and a little Spandex to the Modal making the fabric stronger and less prone to pill like 100% Modal. Our Cotton/Modal/Span is made in the same mill our Modal is made in and produced under strict environmental regulations in Los Angeles, California. We believe by using Cotton/Modal/Span our garments last longer and wear better making them just as soft as 100% Modal but more versatile, longer lasting and sustainable. 

When creating a sustainable garment line, we do our best to make sure the fabrics we use have the lowest impact on the planet, but sustainable fabrics cost more than non-sustainable ones and it's a constant challenge to keep our prices down. We sew in family-run, ethical shops based in New Jersey and Chicago, Illinois.

Doing things the right way is never the easiest or the least expensive, but we wouldn't have it any other way...