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Cleaning out a closet is like doing push-ups. You can do it any time, and it will definitely make you feel better when you're done, but unlike push-ups, the work isn't over once you finish. There's the question of "what do I do with all this stuff?"

If you're like ME, you make piles as you go. One pile that will head to Goodwill, one that can be resold on a re-commerce site, and one filled with clothes that should never be seen by anyone else. The Goodwill pile is probably the easiest to deal with. In many cities, there's a local drop off site or store that will take it, but if you live in a smaller town or you're too tired to do anything more, that stack may sit there awhile.

Then there's the pile of suits and tailored clothes you haven't worn since the first Covid lock down. You may be able to sell some of it, but we know that pile will be haunting you for at least another month or until you get the energy to buy a box big enough to ship it off.

Finally, you're left with that pile of unmentionables. You know what I'm talking about. That raggedy underwear you only wear under your workout leggings and all those single socks that seem to lose their mates after one or two washes. If you were really motivated and made it thru your linen closets, there's probably a few stained towels a stack of old pillowcases, and other household textiles you're too embarrassed to donate, or at least I hope you wouldn't expect anyone to actually use.

Enter Retold Recycling, a company founded by Amelia Trumble and Alan Yeoh. These two have finally come up with an easy solution to the piles we create after cleaning out our closets. It's simple, affordable and so incredibly convenient, you may find yourself purging your closets more often.

In this episode of the MAJAMAS EARTH CARE WHAT YOU WEAR & SO MUCH MORE Podcast, I speak with Amelia about how we can stop piling up our unwanted household textiles and actually put them to good use. Best of all, unlike some of the charitable donation centers, ReTold Recycling will make sure none of your old underwear ends up in a landfill or on a beach somewhere across the world. So join ME and and start recycling your old textiles, responsibly. While you're at it, throw in a few push-ups, and before you know it, you'll be looking like a Planet Super Hero too!

– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer

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