MAJAMAS Gift Box // Femme Romantic

MAJAMAS Gift Box // Femme Romantic


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A soft robe, pretty bra and silky gown do wonders to lift someone's spirits. That's because these are the garments we feel beautiful wearing. Our Vestiglia robe has a cocoon fit draping thru the center back and it's made from the softest combination of cotton and Modal. The Madison Nightie is cool to the touch and is designed to wear to bed although, many women will confess they've paired it with a set of heels and headed out for the evening instead. Of course, no MAJAMAS gift is complete without one of our signature bras and this Maplewood Sporty Bra has soft, black lace in back so it can be worn to show under a tank, tee or strappy dress. Three beautiful garments that will make someone feel especially beautiful.

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